how important is chester county roof ventilation

How Important is Roof Ventilation in Your Chester County Home?

US codes require at least 1 sq ft of opening for every 150 sq ft by law. But why is Chester County Roof Ventilation important enough to have codes and laws? Ventilation is one of the most crucial parts of your roof’s structure. It extends your roofing’s life and protects the entire constitution of your home. Without ventilation, you’ll see a build-up of condensation, moisture formation. These eventually cause mold and mildew growth cause your the roofing of your home to start to rot. Your indoor air will also be affect by the mold and mildew growth, and it can be very harmful to the health of your family.

Proper Chester County Roof Ventilation will performs several functions that are very helpful to your home:

  • Helps with the energy efficiency, lowering the cost of heating and cooling.
  • Reduces the chance of a house fire and, in the event of a fire, will let smoke escape the house instead of accumulating.
  • Prevents condensation and mold & mildew growth inside the roof deck, which prevents rot.
  • Keeps the attic space cool

There are several different types of vents that can be used in a roof. Roof ridge vents are installed along the ridge line. These are used for exhaust or outflow of stale air, heat, and moisture. Soffit vents and eaves go along the lowest parts of the roof and deal with the intake of ventilation.

Older homes may not have either of these types of vents. Today’s home are built with tighter seals than homes of the past were. Homes built long ago have incidental cracks and openings at their windows, doors, and chimneys that allow fresh air into the house. So vents were less necessary while the homes themselves were less energy efficient.

Chester County Roof Ventilation is especially important in newer homes, where air is tightly sealed in. This is great for energy efficiency, but without roof vents, you’ll find moisture accumulating. This will rot your wood and release mold spores into your air. If you notice the problem too late and don’t have it immediately repaired, you’ll see the destruction of your roof. And, you may see adverse effects to your family’s health.

If your home’s roof isn’t properly ventilated and you need roof repairs, be sure to hire a licensed professional. Our Chester County Roofing Contractor can help make sure you get the right type of roofing ventilation for your particular home. We’ll make sure the entire job is entirely up to code. And when the code minimums aren’t enough, we’ll know, and we’ll know how to make sure your home is safe.

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