Gutter Replacement in Parkesburg, PA

Gutter Replacement

Water is an intimidating force that can cause significant damage to homes if it’s not redirected. When water pools around the foundation of your home, it can lead to damage that is difficult and expensive to repair, so preventing this damage is key. When your gutters no longer move water away from your home, the water can end up damaging the roof, foundation, and other components. 

If your gutters aren’t working right, it’s time to think about gutter replacement in Parkesburg, PA. Our pros at Diversified Roofing Co. can help with the roof and gutter replacement to make sure it’s done right. 

Need new gutters? Don’t wait any longer! Call our team at Diversified Roofing Co. at (717) 929-8566 or contact us online to schedule gutter replacement in Parkesburg, PA.

When Should Gutters Be Replaced?

We recommend a gutter replacement if there are any major issues with the gutters. Most gutters will last around 20 years, though they can last a lot longer if they’re cared for properly. If they’re ignored, they may not last long at all, and a gutter company will need to replace them. If your gutters are around 20 years old or older, or you’ve noticed major issues like sagging, it’s recommended to speak with a professional about fascia and gutter replacement and find out if this is the right option for your home.

How to Tell if Your Gutters Need to be Replaced

When there’s anything that doesn’t look right with your gutters, it’s a good idea to go ahead and get help. Some issues can be repaired when they’re smaller, but as they get worse, a replacement becomes necessary. Some of the signs that a gutter replacement may be needed include the following.


Sagging gutters can be a sign that there’s damage to the home where the gutters attach. Depending on the severity, the gutters may need to be replaced instead of reattached.


If there are holes in the gutters, it’s likely that a rain gutter replacement should be considered. While smaller holes can be patched, if they are larger or there are numerous holes, it’s time to think about replacing the gutters.


Rust can happen on many different types of metals. If the gutters have started to rust, they will get holes and will not work as intended. Now’s a good time to consider replacing the gutters with new ones.

Bends and Other Damage

Bends and other types of damage can occur when the gutters are hit by something like hail or toys in the yard. If there are bends in the metal or other damage to the gutters, especially if it causes the gutters to clog easier, it’s time to think about fascia and gutter replacement in Parkesburg.

Roof and Gutter Replacement

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to think about replacing gutters even if they are still working okay, especially if they’re getting a little bit older. We may recommend replacing the gutters if your roof needs to be replaced because they last around the same amount of time as the roof does. 

We can offer roof and gutter replacement to get everything replaced at once. If there is any damage to the home and the gutters, that can also be repaired at the same time. We can also do a soffit and gutter replacement to make sure everything is replaced, working properly, and ready to tackle any weather in Parkesburg

Call in the Pros at Diversified Roofing Co. for Gutter Replacement in Parkesburg, PA

When it’s time to replace your gutters, don’t try to tackle the job on your own. Gutters need to be installed precisely to work as expected, and there could be hidden damage that will need to be repaired before the gutter replacement is done. By working with Diversified Roofing Co., you can make sure the replacement is done right and get help with anything else that might be needed. 

We’ll work with you to make sure the job is done right and that your new gutters are installed properly. When you need gutter replacement, make sure you’re working with one of the best gutter replacement companies in the area by call our team at Diversified Roofing Co.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to get the gutter replacement services you need to protect your property. Reach out online or call us today at (717) 929-8566 to schedule your gutter replacement service and ensure the safety and longevity of your property in Parkesburg, PA!

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