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Metal Roof Services in Lancaster and Chester County, PA

If you have been researching roof replacements for your home, there is a good chance that you have heard a lot about metal roofs. This type of roof is fast becoming one of the most popular options for roofing replacements. While other types of roofs, such as asphalt shingles, can still be a great option in some situations, it’s worth looking into a metal roof for your home. At Diversified Roofing Co., we offer comprehensive metal roofing services including metal roof repair and installation.

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What Are the Benefits of Metal Roofs?

There is a reason that metal roofs are gaining in popularity. While asphalt shingles are more affordable, a metal roof can last up to 3 times longer. They are also easy to maintain, they are less susceptible to leaks, and they are environmentally friendly. Plus, even though metal roofs can get dented by hail, the damage is usually cosmetic and doesn’t often affect the performance of the roof. We are proud to bring these benefits to Lancaster and Chester County by offering metal roofing services.

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Metal Roofing Lancaster County, PA

Metal Standing Seam Roofing

Another great benefit of metal roofs is that you have a lot of different options. You can choose from almost every color in the rainbow, and there are many different styles and materials to choose from. At Diversified Roofing Co., we specialize in metal standing seam roofing. This type of roofing is well-known for its durability, attractiveness, low maintenance, and weather resistance. You can also talk to us about financing options for your roofing installation to help you with your new investment.

Metal Roof Replacement

A metal roof can last a long time. But if you start to notice that the painted finish on your roof is becoming damaged, you have storm damage on your roof, or you are having roof leaks in multiple different locations, it may be time for a roof replacement. Our roofing contractors will guide you through the decision and help you choose between a metal roof repair or a replacement. Every situation is different and we are always looking for the most efficient way to keep your home safe and dry.

Metal Roof Repair

A metal roof can sometimes get roof damage, causing you to need a roof repair. After a severe storm comes through, take a look at your roof from the ground. Some of the most common problems you might notice are missing or damaged flashing, damaged paint finish, missing or loose screws, and rust. You can call us for metal roof repair in your area.

Metal Roof Maintenance

While metal roofs are remarkably low-maintenance, they still need to be serviced on occasion. Sometimes a metal roof will need to be cleaned to maintain its appearance. While there aren’t any screws on a standing seam metal roof, other types of metal roofs may have screws that need to be tightened on occasion. You should also have occasional roofing inspections to make sure the flashing is still in good condition and that your gutters aren’t clogged.

Why Choose Diversified Roofing Co. for Your Metal Roof Installation?

When you choose Diversified Roofing Co. for your metal roof installation, you’re ensuring that you will always get a quality roof. Every roofer on our team believes in the importance of getting a job done right the first time. We only do high-quality roofs because we want to take care of our neighbors in Lancaster and Chester County.

We ensure the quality of our roofs with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you aren’t completely happy with your new roof, let us know and we will do whatever it takes to make it right. 

Our Metal Roofing Services at Diversified Roofing Co.

If you are thinking about having a new metal roof installed on your home, you are making a great investment for your home. We would love to help you get the process started.

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