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You shouldn’t settle for anything but the best home exterior and roofing company in West Chester, PA. That’s why you should always trust your installation, repair and maintenance needs to the professional team at Diversified Roofing.

A Roofing Company You Can Count on

Diversified Roofing is a team made up of expert roofers and home exterior specialists. We provide for all of your roof replacement and repair needs here in West Chester, PA. For anything related to your roof, we’ll give you great results.

Your Next Roof Replacement

A roof replacement is one of the largest investments that homeowners will ever need to maintain their homes. It’s important to make sure that it’s done right, so you want licensed and insured roofing contractors handling it. The team at Diversified Roofing is ready to provide you with a durable and stylish roof replacement.

Our technicians can work with almost any roofing type, with extensive experience in asphalt shingle, metal, cedar, EPDM and flat roofing. We’ll provide you with the widest range of options, making sure that you get the style, longevity, and features you need from your new roof.

Even if you think your roof could last a few more years, making the change now can:

  • Enhance curb appeal
  • Increase your home’s value
  • Provide better protection
  • Improve energy efficiency

You can always reach out to Diversified Roofing to find out what your options are today.

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Professional Roof Repairs

Not every type of damage calls for a complete replacement. If your roof is facing minor issues and is still relatively new, professional roof repairs will have it back to peak condition in no time.

Whenever you’re dealing with missing shingles, leaks, or other damage, just call the finicky roofers at Diversified Roofing. Our expert technicians and specialists will evaluate the damage, provide you with a reliable estimate, and carry out the expert roof repairs you need.

Handling Your Roof Maintenance

Do you want to really get the most out of your roof? To extend its useful lifespan and prevent damage, you can count on professional roof inspections from Diversified Roofing. When performing our 21-point roof and attic inspection, our specialists will spot potential issues and deal with them as soon as possible; saving you money on repairs and preventing further damage.

Our Overhead Care members enjoy the annual reminder of a 21-point roof and attic inspection to give them peace of mind while weathering the storms.

Upgrade Your Gutters

Your gutters keep your home safe, both the roof and the foundation. The drainage they provide is essential, so give us a call if you notice:

  • Sagging gutters
  • Leaks
  • Overflowing gutters
  • Broken or bent seams

We provide both gutter repairs and new gutter installation. Our professional seamless gutter installation gives you the most dependable solution available today. You can also install gutter guards for your new or existing gutters and stop worrying about the number of leaves you have to deal with here in West Chester, PA.

A Full Range of Home Exterior Services

Diversified Roofing will help you with a wide range of home exterior projects. We’re not just roofers but also handle gutter and siding installations, windows, and more. Our team features home exterior experts who deliver quality work to have your home looking great.

New Siding and Siding Repair

New siding can do wonders for your home, improving energy efficiency, updating your style, and increasing your home’s value. Professional siding installation from Diversified Roofing can ensure that you get the most from your new siding.

We work with both conventional vinyl siding and fiber cement siding. With plenty of options and a range of styles, we’ll find the perfect fit for your home. Our home exterior specialists can also repair damaged siding.

Updating Your Windows

New window installations can breathe new life into your home. You’ll be able to update your home’s style and improve energy efficiency, spending less on heating and cooling. We provide a wide range of window options and will help you find the right one for you.

Our window installations are carried out by experienced installers. That way, we ensure that you have long-term protection against the drafts and moisture issues that poorly installed windows can cause.

Your Complete Source for Home Exterior Services in West Chester, PA

Are you getting ready to undergo a major project or in need of repairs now? Just contact Diversified Roofing. Our home exterior experts and roofers will be happy to help you with anything you need and provide you with a reliable estimate for roofing, window, gutter, and siding repairs and installations.

We’ve been providing excellent service here in West Chester, PA, for more than 43 years. Contact Diversified Roofing today to schedule your service and find out what we can do for you.

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