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Important information before investing in a roof:

  • When investing in a roof there are many choices you have to make, you need to choose the color, the style, the material, and the brand. Most people fail to realize that the most important choice is not the brand but the company who installs your roof.
  • Think about it; say you buy a new BMW you love the car. One day you have an engine problem. You decided to take it to a local garage to get it worked on because it’s cheaper. You get the car back and the next week the same problem happens. What do you think would have happened if the car was fixed by a trained certified mechanic?
  • The same is true with roofing; most of the work we get is from customers with roofs that were never installed right in the first place. The homeowner may have gotten the top of the line products but failed to hire a professional roofer to install them.
  • At Diversified Roofing Co. our employees are professionally trained in all types of roofing systems. We strive to provide the best workmanship in the business; this helps us provide the customer with the absolute best service you can get.

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