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Roof Ventilation Services in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania

Roof ventilation is an essential part of maintaining your roof and protecting your home. When you need new roof ventilation or roof vent repairs in Chester and Lancaster Counties, you can reach out to the trusted roofing contractors at Diversified Roofing.

Why Your Roof Needs Effective Ventilation

Every roof needs effective ventilation to stave off a variety of potential issues and provide you with some great benefits. Your roof ventilation is one area you can’t afford to overlook, so leave yours to the expert roofers at Diversified Roofing.

Protecting Your Roof from Moisture

One of the most important jobs that your roof ventilation does is regulating humidity inside your roof. Even a very well-maintained roof can have some minor leaks, or you could have moisture entering through siding or windows. In any case, there needs to be a way for any water that gets in to get out.

If the air in your attic never changed over, it would become more humid over time. This would prevent any water that found its way into your roof from drying up, leading to mold, rot, and other problems. Effective roof ventilation solves this problem by allowing outside air to flow through your attic in a controlled manner.

Keeping Your Attic Cool

Roof ventilation is important in the summer months to keep your attic cool. Because hot air naturally rises and your roof is probably black asphalt shingles, an unventilated roof can become incredibly hot. This poses a number of problems.

If your roof does become hot enough, it can warp and damage shingles. Then, you’ll find yourself dealing with more damage during high winds and potential leaks when it rains.

The excess heat in your attic also leads to your AC bill being higher. Even with good insulation between your home and the attic, you’ll lose some of your cooling to excessive heat.

Balanced roof ventilation keeps your attic at roughly the same temperature as it is outdoors by letting fresh air pass through. This prevents the attic from overheating and protects your shingles while also reducing your AC bills.

Preventing Ice Dams

In areas that get plenty of snow in the winter, like Chester and Lancaster Counties, poor attic ventilation can lead to ice dams. These are ice deposits that form at the edge of your roof and lead to pooling water that can seriously damage your roof.

Without ventilation, your roof will be warmer than the surrounding air. This can lead to snow melting when it contacts your roof. That meltwater reaches the overhang of your roof and freezes there because it’s more exposed and colder. This process repeats over and over until any melting snow starts to pool instead of running off your roof.

Reliable roof ventilation services from our roofing company can keep your home safe from ice dams this winter.

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The Different Types of Roof Ventilation

The professional roofers at Diversified Roofing can provide installations and repairs for a variety of different roof ventilation options. We’re experienced with all types of ventilation and can help you find the right solution to keep your attic humidity and temperature regulated properly.

- Ridge Vent

Ridge vents are an attractive and effective ventilation option. A raised ridge at the peak of your roof allows air to escape through the top while preventing water and pests from getting inside. Because hot air naturally flows upward, this vent doesn’t require any power to work.

Fresh air is naturally drawn in through intakes in your soffits, the underside of your roof’s overhang. Ridge vents blend in seamlessly with the appearance of your roof while keeping your attic cool and dry.

- Edge Vent

Ventilation that is added on deck of roof when other options may not be available

- Soffit Vent

Is perforated ventilation on the bottom eave.

- Gable Vent

On the gable end of the house high in the peak for cross ventilation.

- Power Vent / Turbine Vent

Turbine vents are the spiral metal domes you’ve likely seen on plenty of buildings. They can provide additional ventilation, drawing air out of your attic as the wind turns them. There are also powered vent options for attics with increased ventilation requirements.

Our experienced roofers can determine the right ventilation solution for your home, providing effective protection against humidity and moisture. To give you worry-free roof ventilation, we’ll ensure that your vents are properly sized and professionally installed.

Roof Ventilation in Chester County and Lancaster County, PA

When you go with Diversified Roofing, you’re choosing a roofing company with over 43 years of experience helping homeowners. Our roofing specialists/technicians can provide you with expert roofing, siding, gutters, vents, and more. Just give us a call today to get started on your next project.

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