The Importance of Regular Roof Inspections

As an Parkesburg homeowner, you may not look forward to regular roof maintenance, but if you want your roof to live up to its full potential, hiring a roofing contractor for a roof inspection is a wise decision. Homeowners should have their roofs inspected at least once a year, and severe weather may necessitate more inspections because rain, hail, snow, and wind can damage roof shingles and tiles, cause premature aging, and create leaks. Roof inspections allow a professional to examine your roof for complications that may otherwise go unnoticed.

What Does a Roof Inspection Entail?

A roof inspection with your roofing contractor will include many examinations and an overall assessment of your roof. The inspector will search for weather damage, granular loss, debris, cracks, ponding, blisters, water staining, deformations, leaks, and corrosion. The inspector will also check the state of your skylights, chimney, and gutters.

How Does a Roof Inspection Prevent Roof Problems?

If you haven’t experienced any problems regarding your roof, you may just not be aware of current damage and the complications that will surely follow. Roof inspectors are trained to look for signs of damage, so they are able to find areas of concern that you may not spot. Your roofing contractor may notice improper ventilation, shingle granules in rain gutters, missing or loose shingles, and sagging near ridges or between rafters. Gaps in the flashing, pools of water, and leaks may also be present on your roof. All of these problems may appear minor at first, but they can result in severe damage that compromises the integrity of your roof and leaves it susceptible to pests, mold and mildew, and collapse.

Think of roof inspections as an investment in your home because your property value is likely to increase when your roof is in good condition. You will also avoid expensive repairs by hiring a roof inspector to examine your roof regularly. When the time comes to check your roof for damage, contact Diversified Roofing Co., a reputable Parkesburg roofing contractor.

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