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What is an Ice Dam?

Ice dams are sections of ice that form on the edge of the roof. They end up creating a dam that stops water and snow from being able to drain off the roof, which can cause severe leaking and roof damage. A roof dam can occur on almost any type of roof, from cedar roofing to slate or a metal standing seam roofing system, but they can be prevented by knowing how they occur, and damage can be minimized if a roof dam does appear. 

What Do You Do if You Have Ice Dams on Your Roof?

Prompt attention when ice dams appear can help minimize the amount of damage done. There are a few ways to handle the roof dam, though larger ones may require help from roofers. 

  • Use Cold Air – Salt or trying to chisel away the ice dam can lead to more damage, so it’s better to use cool air inside the home aimed at the roof. It should only take a few minutes to start melting the ice dam and stop the leak. 
  • Use a Rake – Rakes can be used to pull the ice dam off the roof, but care must be taken with Asphalt shingles, flat roofing systems, and other types of roofs to prevent damage. 
  • Melt the Ice – Calcium chloride can be used to help melt the ice. Fill pantyhose with this and lay it on the roof across the ice dam to help melt it and create a way for water to flow off the roof. 

Why is my Roof Getting Ice Dams?

Ice dams occur when there is heat loss through the roof. If it is snowing and there is heat being lost through the roof, the ice dam can occur as the snow melts, flows down the roof, and then starts to freeze again because of the temperatures. It is possible to prevent this from happening by taking good care of the roof and ensuring that heat loss is minimal. A roofing company can provide roof maintenance to help keep the roof in good shape, as well as roof repairs if the ice dam does occur. For severe damage, a roof replacement may be needed.

Where is the Most Common Area for Ice Damming to Occur on a Roof?

The edges of the roof are more prone to ice dams because of where the water goes as the snow melts and then freezes again. Any valleys in the roof, around skylights, and near openings for vents or pipes can also be susceptible to ice dams. Professional roofing contractors can provide specific information on where they are more likely to occur on your roof. 

Call Diversified Roofing Co. For Roof Repair Services

If ice dams occur, they can cause significant damage to the home. Diversified Roofing Co. offers expert roofing services, from roofing inspections to help with siding and gutters, to help you prevent ice dams or fix the roof and stop leaks if they do occur. Our roofers are highly trained to provide expert services and help prevent potential damage to your home or correct it if damage has occurred. We’ll help make sure you can minimize the chance of any ice dams occurring this winter. 

Ice dams can be incredibly damaging to the home’s roof. Only a couple of inches of ice can lead to leaks and severe damage. We offer inspections, repair, maintenance and more to help keep your roof in shape. Whether you need help dealing with a damaged roof or you’d like to look into what can be done to prevent ice dams, contact Diversified Roofing Co. at (717) 442-8422 now and schedule an appointment. 

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