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3 Tips To Prepare Your Roof For Summer

With the April showers behind us and the warm and bright days of summer just around the corner, it can be a little difficult not getting excited about all of the summer activities that are waiting just around the corner. From hanging out by the pool with family and friends, to cooking out, tackling any home improvement projects you might have been putting off, or whatever it may be, summer has something for everyone. All in all, summer is a great time of year, but it can be a difficult time of year for your home’s roof if you don’t take steps to prepare it now. Many of the things that we enjoy most about the summer, from the sunlight to the warmer temperatures, and even the scattered showers that help to keep our lawns looking great, are also the things that can be especially hard on your roof. In an effort to help make sure that all of our valued customers have the knowledge and assistance they need to keep their homes in good shape this summer, our team of experienced professionals have taken the time to put together this short list detailing some of the things you can do now to ensure that your home’s roof has the care and protection it needs to ride out the summer months safely and efficiently.

Examine Your Shingles

Your shingles and tiles are one of the primary components of your entire roof, and before summer gets into full swing, you are going to want to make sure that they made it through the preceding months in one piece. The winter and spring can be tough on your roof, and in the short time you have before summer starts up in earnest, it is a good decision to get up there and examine your shingles to make sure that none of them are cracked, curling, or broken in any way. Any damage to your roof’s shingles make it more likely for them to come loose or break off entirely in the event of rough storms or high winds, and when this happens, your roof can quickly become susceptible to water damage. Water is one of those things that you never want to let into your home where it shouldn’t be, as it can cause a surprising amount of damage in a very short time, and it can be quite difficult to track down once it’s made it inside. Take the time before summer gets into full swing to make sure your roof’s shingles or tiles are in good condition.

Inspect Your Skylights

The next item on the list is to make sure that your home’s skylights and window areas are properly secured and that the roofing area around them is in good shape. You will want to check the seals around your skylights and windows to make sure that nothing is getting through them, and then make sure that there are no cracks or leaks in the windows themselves.

Check Your Gutters

Finally, you are going to want to inspect your gutters, and make sure that they are free from any clogs or damages that might cause them to make water pool on your roof or leak down to where it isn’t supposed to be. If you have water pooling on top of your roof, it could start to seep down into your attic, leaving you with a lot of potential problems with mold or structural damage to your home, and if there are any gaps or damages in your gutters, they won’t catch the water properly and channel it away from your home.

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