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What Are Seamless Gutters & Other FAQ

Not sure what seamless gutters are? Not sure they’re right for you or how they’re different from other gutters? Wonder if you should buy some gutters from the store and install them yourself to save money?

These questions about seamless gutters are very familiar to our Chester County Roofing Contractors. We are glad to share our knowledge with you since we’ve been installing seamless gutters since 1979. We know that our customers love having a seamless gutter system over any other kind and we think you would too. Here are some answers to common questions that you may be asking.

What Are Seamless Gutters & How Are They Different?

Seamless gutters are not joined together in sections. Instead, there is one continuous length of gutter that runs all the way across the length of the roof. The only seams will be at the corners where the system has to make a sharp turn.

Traditional rain gutters are joined together in sections. The seamed gutters still run across the length of the roof but will have joints that make the system weak. Seamless gutters don’t fall apart at the seams and don’t sag because there are no weak areas.

Seamless gutter machines were invented between 1960 and 1965 with the portable machines becoming available around 1970 to 1978. To install seamless gutters, you have to fabricate them first.

Can I Install Seamless Gutters Myself?

Anyone can do anything to their own home. Installing seamless gutters is no different. So yes, you can install seamless gutters yourself. You will first need to purchase a seamless gutter machine which runs anywhere from $5,875 to $40,000. You will probably find residential aluminum coils for the gutter machines for around $250 which only yields about 150 linear feet in a 5″ wide K-Style gutter. But if you have to buy it in bulk, 1 Metric Ton costs around $2,200 on up.

How Are Seamless Gutters Installed?

When we install seamless gutters in Lancaster, Chester County, and southeastern Pennsylvania, we bring our gutter machine and the aluminum with us so we can fabricate it on-site. We can fabricate one continuous length of gutter no matter how long it needs to be. We also fabricate and install the downspouts. The rolling machine shapes the aluminum into the gutter shape. We install them with hidden fasteners and can also install gutter protection to make maintenance easy.

What Type Of Seamless Gutters Are There?

Seamless gutters can be fabricated into the half-round style or K-Style. However, we install the Englert RainPro Design Series which offers a unique architectural style for the roof line. These are high-quality custom gutters for homes. All our gutters come in a wide variety of colors and have a ScratchGuard™ Paint Finish.

There are also leaf-guards in different styles depending on what type of debris is common for your yard. While some homes have a lot of pine needles, others have more leaves so there are several options available.

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