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The Best Way To Protect Your Chester County Gutters

A gutter is useless if it fails to properly channel water. This is why routine Chester County gutter maintenance is so important. Chester County gutters must be kept free of leaves, twigs and other debris so they do not obstruct the proper flow of water.

Why Chester County Gutters Are So Crucial

Blocked gutters lead to all kinds of preventable problems. That’s why it’s best to install a gutter protection system.

While all of the following systems are well designed, tested and highly functional, none of them are perfect. Never underestimate the power of nature to give life that little zing factor. You should always be a proactive homeowner. It is not about taking a lot of time, it is about giving it a little thought.

You Have Choices With Gutter Protectors

There are a number of Chester County gutter protection systems available. Here are several examples. One thing they all have in common is they keep out those pesky critters that think your gutters make a cute place to keep their junk.

Mesh or Leaf screens

These are metal coverings that fit inside from the front to the back of the gutter across the top. They act like a strainer and filter out the unwanted debris and allow just the water to channel through your gutters and out through the downspout.

Nothing is foolproof and even these require an occasional cleaning to keep any debris from blocking the screens, but this is limited and infrequent. With any Chester County gutter protection systems you want to occasionally observe make sure the water is not overflowing onto the ground. Some of my other articles cover the specifics of these inspections.

Solid covers with slots on the sides

The concept that these types of protection systems rely on is called “water adhesion”. The water enters the gutter through slots or small holes that are on a vertical surface of the cover. Leaves, twigs, and other large debris simply fall over the edge onto the ground. Smaller items, like pine needles, just flow harmlessly through the gutter and out the downspout.

You have seen this principle in action in your kitchen when water seems to defy gravity and find its way into some inconvenient place. Properly applied, this principle is actually a useful application when it comes to Chester County gutter protection.

Snap-in gutter guards

These can be made of vinyl or aluminum. They are basically solid caps that snap onto the top front of the gutter and slide under the roofing shingles. It is most convenient to install this type of protection when you are installing a new roof. Obviously, this minimizes disturbing the existing roof shingles.

Some types of gutter guards rest on top of the roof shingles but they can be blown off in high winds and present difficulties of their own. What type of system will work best for you? Your best approach is to ask a reputable Chester County gutter installation company what their preference is for your environment.

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